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Insight Herbalism
Animism Mentoring


All the knowledge we need to live is present in the land… Our role is to learn from the land how to be a human...

The natural world as gift. Mindfulness, paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world.

Receiving the gifts with open eyes and open hearts. - Robin Wall Kimmerer

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Khalil Gibran

As a qualified Insight Herbalist at the School of Intuitive Herbalism, I offer 1:1 mentoring sessions to support your process in collaboration with the Online Introduction to Intuitive Herbalism Course. These sessions can take place either online or in-person in Stroud. I also offer stand alone mentoring sessions. 

Dancing the Dandelion

I have named all mentoring sessions 'Dancing the Dandelion' - Dandelion is a plant I have worked with over the years. I have found this plant to be really supportive in reclaiming space and sovereignty and expanding the capacity to be who you really are, with joyful aliveness.

Working through the course material

I am excited to be a witness as you tread this beautiful path, to be a guide as you explore the doorways used in the course materials - The Three Cauldrons, The Triskele - Plant, Pilgrim, Server and to be a support as you integrate the thresholds and doorways that arise in your personal process.

Plants and personal process

From personal experience, I can say that this plant path of Intuitive Herbalism is a deep and soulful journey, that will take you to the inner depths of your wild authentic self, and to a deeper love and understanding of the wild, always-authentic natural world around us. This path of Rose and Dandelion, of Mugwort and Hawthorn, and of countless others, is a rich one.

This plant path becomes a way of living and being in the world, once you step onto this path of ancient connectedness, it will always be with you. I like to call this Divine AnimismI am passionate about supporting you to build a conscious thread of reciprocity and relationship with the more-than-human world, and for you to meet that primal part of yourself that has the capacity to be whole, to be mirrored, attuned and co-regulated with Nature through real embodied reconnection.

Through this work you will expand your animacy perception, tuning into your innate ability to feel and sense the aliveness of these other beings with your sensory bodies and your intuition. You will meet and build relationships with a selection of plants, developing different doorways to understand their qualities of love and connection. Through this process you may also learn what barriers to love and connection you carry within you. As part of the ecosystem, we are intricately, intimately and joyfully woven together with the natural world, we cannot help but be affected by the plants we meet.


Rituals with the plants, land and elements can be woven into this work to potentise the thresholds you meet on this journey.


In between sessions there is an invitation to do 21 day plant immersions, which I can support you with. By the end of the course, you will have a family of plants to support you through your own personal process.


  • Dancing the Dandelion mentoring support runs over 3 x 75 min sessions meeting once every 2-4 weeks, starting any time.

  • The investment is £165 for three sessions, which can be paid in installments.

Please contact me for more information. 

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