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About Sara

I am a fully qualified Insight Herbalist and Somatic Experiencing® Advanced trainee embarking on my final year towards being a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) trauma therapist. I am also a bodyworker and weave this as an integral part of my work. I am registered with the professional bodies Foundation for Insight Herbalism and Somatic Experiencing Association UK (SEAUK).


At heart, I am an animist. When I am in Nature, I surrender to something bigger than myself as I become camouflaged into the landscape – I lose part of myself and at the same time become more myself than anywhere else. My senses are satiated and living their full potential in this place of wild sensual porosity with land and plants. I am devoted to exploring this intersection between the bodymind consciousness and the Divine animism of plant, ancestral and universal consciousness. 

Having studied art, I have a creative background as an illustrator and an art and design teacher at secondary school. Disillusioned with the school system, I left the world of formal education to run community gardening workshops in inner city London. These were mostly working with vulnerable adults and homeless groups with a variety of mental health needs, and also food growing with residents living on housing estates. I have since worked with Nature connection in one way or another for over 17 years. From this work as a community gardener I witnessed the intrinsic connection between nature and well-being, and how the bodily experience of reconnecting with nature acts as a mirror, reminding each individual who we are at our very core thus creating space to heal. It was this work that finally led me to insight herbalism. 


The calling to work somatically came through my meditation practice which has taught me of the importance of attending to the sensations on my body as a way to understand myself. As my interest in trauma grew out of healing my own wounds, I felt called to find a way to use this body awareness to support others. The Somatic Experiencing (SE) training has really allowed me to understand the extent of trauma that is held in the body and also how to release it. SE and trauma release has become a core part of my practice as a herbalist. 


My own journey with chronic illness has been guided by deep respect and reverence for plants, deep listening to their wisdom and deep listening to my own body, my masks and patterns. I am passionate about sharing my experiences to support others on their own healing paths. 

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