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Finding Your Way Home


I offer the following 6 session Insight Herbalism journey packages:


FINDING YOUR WAY HOME from trauma and emotional stress is a 6 session insight herbalism journey to explore specific PTSD and trauma wounds and patterns.

FINDING YOUR WAY HOME from chronic ill health is a 6 session insight herbalism journey to befriend your current physical health state, and explore what your symptoms are trying to tell you. We explore why your body may be holding onto an inflammation state and how we can release this. We can work with plants that support both the symptomatic and root cause of your health condition. 

Both packages will comprise of sessions that use a weaving of insight herbalism, bodywork and somatic experiencing. There are however differing approaches (as well as many overlaps) with each package depending on which elements of your being you choose to work with. 

Please contact me for more information if you are interested in taking the Finding Your Way Home journey.

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